Posted by: Aniek
I thought I’d quickly drop an email to you to chat a bit about exercise, and if you do it, WHY you do it. I’m following up on last week’s email about what fitness means to you and what it means to me as well. If you missed it, you can check it out here.

There’s a really interesting study that focuses on motivations for exercise. Participants were asked why they exercise. 75% of participants exercised because they were looking for a result in the future; they might have said that they wanted to be slimmer, fitter, had an event to attend, were due to take part in a fitness event or something similar. Three quarters of those asked were exercising in the NOW for something in the FUTURE.

The other 25% of participants exercised because of how it made them feel during or immediately after. That glorious release of endorphins! They related their motivation for exercise as being in the PRESENT.

Guess which group were more successful at staying consistent with regular exercise and therefore enjoyed its long term benefits and potential results?


The group that were present in the here and now and tapped into how exercise made them feel were more successful with their exercise endeavours.

A little food for thought today then. It could just be a simple mindset shift that helps keep you motivated and successful with exercise. Tune in and take note.