…How are you going to make them count?

Our 100 Day Fitness Challenge┬áis well underway. In fact, we’re already 27 days in! That means that there are now only 73 days left of 2016. That might shock you a little, but I’m here to try and excite you about that!

The last 27 days have taught me and confirmed to me a few things…

The first thing is that commitment to a new process or journey is much easier with a group of people cheering you on. Another thing is that making a commitment to change can impact how you THINK really quickly.

A few examples come to mind of this from the girls taking part in the 100 Day Fitness Challenge…

Understanding that 15 minutes of intentional activity a day is required to participate in the challenge leads to assessing your day differently.


  • Waking up 15-20 minutes earlier each day has become the new normal for some!
  • A trip to London results in avoiding the underground and getting to know the streets of the Big Smoke a little better by walking from A to B
  • Forgoing the lift to take 6(!) flights of stairs during the day can really get the heart pumping
  • Using the kiddies as added weight for some basic exercises in the living room!

These are all fantastic examples of finding the opportunities that our day or diary present us with to squeeze in activity.

That’s not to say that every day is easy – it’s still a challenge! Sometimes our diaries work against us and make 15 minutes seem like a mountain to climb, but having the support of others is so encouraging and motivating to keep going. When it’s dark outside and you’re so cosy under the duvet… Those endorphins are worth it though!

It’s proof that you can make small, manageable changes a part of your life pretty quickly and successfully with the right support system in place once you’ve committed to the process and set your intention.

So what can you work on in the next 73 days to make sure you’re absolutely brimming with energy and rocking the end of 2016?

You can join in with us for the rest of our 100 Day Fitness Challenge if you’d like – we communicate in a snazzy Facebook group full of likes, virtual high fives and fist pumps. We’d love to see you there!