100 Day Train You Trim Fitness Challenge 2016

Now, I don’t want to alarm anyone here, but in a short few weeks we’ll be into the last 100 days of 2016. With this in mind, I want you to think about the last day of 2015. That’s approximately 2/3 of a year ago. It was a Thursday if that helps? Now I don’t mean specifics here, but I want you to remember how you felt. After the Christmas festivities, celebrations, the gatherings and all the feasting… Were you ready for a fresh start as January approached? Did you feel sluggish and less than healthy? That’s how the vast majority of people feel as one year transforms into the next.

Did you make any promises to yourself? Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? Were any of these promises or resolutions regarding your health and/or fitness? How did you succeed?

If this sets you off into a panic of realising you’ve not accomplished the things you wanted to in 2016, then I apologise because this is not my intention at all. I want to make you realise that you still have 100 whole days (from the 23rd of September) to make the last part of the year, your healthiest part of the year!

And with that, I present the 100 Day TYT Fitness Challenge.


The premise is as such: for the last 100 days of 2016, you commit to undertaking some form of *additional activity for at least 15 minutes! (YES that even means Christmas Day!)

This could include:

  • A lunch time power walk
  • Attending an exercise class
  • Following a yoga video online
  • Setting a timer and doing some bodyweight exercises in front of the TV for 15 minutes
  • Taking the dog for a walk that for an extra 15 minutes


*If you currently walk the dog for 30 minutes every day or cycle 15 minutes on your commute, this doesn’t count I’m afraid – you could add an extra 15 minutes onto your daily dog walk, or cycle a longer/more scenic way home to get the activity in though! This does however include any current exercise habits you uphold – gym time / classes / parkrun / sports clubs etc.

This is a sure fire way to help you feel your most healthy as 2016 continues on into the Autumn and Winter months and end up feeling refreshed and vibrant this New Year’s Eve! So if you’re keen to join in, grab a pen and paper and scribble down ways in which you could/would/will commit to fitting those extra 15 minutes of activity into your current schedule.

Personally, I am going to divide my extra activity up into a minimum of at least two runs per week, as well as two stretching/yoga sessions at home. The remaining three sessions per week I will freestyle! Putting it out into the wide world is sure to keep me accountable and can for you as well. Join us in committing to this challenge via our private FB group for support. We’re using the hashtag #100TYT2016 (catchy, isn’t it?) to talk about our fitness efforts for the last 100 days of 2016 and would LOVE to see yours as well.

In your continuing health and fitness,