Happy Friday!

Summer time is here! Hurrah!

I hope you’re well and enjoying the fleeting displays of sunshine…? :)

Here’s a health and fitness nugget this Friday that I always think about but don’t always talk about very much.

This healthy living lark is hard work. At least it can really seem like that sometimes. Getting your s*** together and working towards set standards takes time, effort and commitment. Consistency is the biggest factor in the equation too. Starting something for a couple of weeks, if even that long, can seem like such an upheaval and more work than its worth.

The trick is to find a way of falling in love with the entire process of it. Discover exercise that keeps you coming back, challenges you and that you’re passionate about. Eat in a way that excites you, tastes delicious and makes you feel like a superhero! Form a supportive network around you – whether physical or remote – and cheer each other on, challenge each other and get a bit competitive. All these things make staying consistent a bit easier.

That’s why healthy living looks completely different for each individual. No one approach works exactly the same way for people, because we’re all wired differently, like different things and are motivated by different factors as well!

So if you’re wanting to make strides in carving out a way of life that you’re passionate about and that moves you towards optimal health, get ready to experiment!

All the best,