Posted by: Aniek

Today we’re taking some time to talk about accountabilityIt’s a well-used word in health and fitness, but sometimes the finer details get lost in the mix. We’re breaking down the who, how and why of accountability for you, to see how it might help you with your journey; Accountability 101!


Being accountable for something means being responsible for it. In terms of ongoing health and fitness journeys we ourselves play the largest part in keeping accountable, however other people can play an important role too. Whether it’s a partner or spouse, brother, sister, friend, colleague, neighbour, trainer or coach, we all have people in our lives that can help keep us accountable. Take a pen and piece of paper and scribble down the people in your support network that you could rely on to keep you focussed on your goals.


How these people help in keeping us accountable can vary. They can ask the hard questions of you in times of waver. They can text you encouraging messages and help you with meal planning for the week ahead. They can hide the chocolate cake, lace up their trainers and exercise with you and give you a huge pat on the back and remind you of the progress you’re making. A supportive network around you can only help to cement new activities into habits of a lifetime!


Setting goals and reaching them. Whatever the reason for participating in a health and fitness regime, we’re often working towards an achievement of some sort. Whether that means shaving 30 seconds from your 5km PB, dropping a dress size or feeling healthier and more energised, there is satisfaction in achievement. That satisfaction is what keeps us working hard and moving forwards.


So think about ways in which you can enhance your level of accountability in your commitment to living a full and healthy life and see how you can help yourself!