Posted by: Aniek

It’s at this time of year that people start to reflect on the year gone by and often start thinking of the year ahead. These thoughts tend to focus on changes that they want to make and goals they want to achieve. Many people will address health/fitness changes and think that “this is the year [they] will finally {insert relevant activity here}”…



But I have to ask…why not NOW?

Now, don’t get me wrong – I know the Christmas period can seem like the most difficult time to start making healthy changes, but it is definitely achievable. In fact, I’m certain you could do just ONE thing today to take a step towards changing; eat one more portion of veggies, enjoy a smaller piece of cake, get your body moving, drink more water! One simple thing can make you feel better already, so by the time tomorrow comes you’ll be happy and buoyed that you started and want to carry on!


Habit change is much more manageable when you take a slow and steady approach – if you wait until January and try changing everything in one go, you’re less likely to stick at it in the long-term.

When your health and happiness is at stake I have to ask again…why not NOW?