Posted by: Aniek

Thursday was the 1st day of October. I posted a picture to the Train You Trim Facebook page that some of you might have seen that declared “NEW MONTH, NEW CHANCE TO REACH YOUR GOALS 💙 You can build a brand new habit into your life within 30 days so today is the perfect day to begin! Don’t let another month drift on by… Grab hold of it and make it yours!” I published the post at 12:39 pm.


A mere 90 minutes later (once the postman had been) I stood with this in my hands…

London Marathon

After 3 (or 4 – I’ve lost count!) consecutive rejections through the ballot, I have been accepted to run the Virgin London Marathon in 2016. Having had 3 (or 4!) experiences of excitement/nerves followed by disappointment/relief at the hands of a Royal Mail employee, I was fully expecting the same sequence of events.

London Marathon

At the start of this new month I have been given a new chance to reach one of my lifelong goals: to run the London Marathon by ballot entry! Speaking of chance, I feel very lucky to have been selected. Reports of almost 250,000 entrants for 38,000 places blows my mind a bit (especially when you discount charity places and GFA applications too).

The thought of training for a marathon on the back of a very light year (+) of running (mid and post-foot niggle) is a scary one but great stories move through FEAR. With 6+ months to train sensibly and progressively, I know I can ensure my body and mind are fully prepared for the feat ahead.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, right? (And I’m pretty sure there’s nothing comfortable about running 26.2 miles!) :)